Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

Artificial Intelligence and robot mass commercialization have come of age. Artificial intelligence is about transforming data into insights for making quick, effective commercial decisions. These technologies could wipe out millions of jobs in the traditional silo business. AI could provide more responsive and accurate product and logistic planning, thus making millions of marketing planners out of job. Robotic automation in a manufacturing environment has begun and humanless ports, warehouse, and reception are emerging in numbers.

Robots that roams supermarket aisles alongside human shoppers during regular business hours and ensures that goods are adequately stocked, placed and priced are seen in San Francisco today. The World Economic Forum predicted that robotic automation will result in the net loss of more than 5m jobs across 15 developed nations by 2020, a conservative estimate. An International Labor Organization study states that as many as 137m workers across Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam (or 56% of the total workforce) are at risk of displacement by robots, particularly workers in the garment manufacturing industry. The traditional industry will soon become a relic of the past.

Go Digital, Go Digital Knight

In place of these traditional businesses are potentially entrepreneur digital companies who can combine artificial intelligence with human interactions to meet customer needs of the future.   The new jobs will be on how to manage to promote the products and services (e.g. cloud service, data security services) in the digital domain, using robotics and AI to run the operations and designing and delivering new customer needs.

Digital Knight is in the forefront of this development – creating of innovative business models and bringing viable commercial solutions to the market.  Digital Knight is expanding rapidly and requires talent, with a new mindset, to join our journey.   The first step may not be glamorous but the long-term prospect is an abundance of green pastures.

Come to join our team on our exciting journey to transforming the world!


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