Canvas for Digital Twins Creativity

Internet of Things Platform

DIGITAL KNIGHT INTERNET OF THINGS PLATFORM is a new management tool for high value assets – building, factories, agriculture land and cities. The platform can be connected to any type sensors and equipment (open architecture). This flexibility allows users to have a satellite, real-time view on all the assets (breaking away from the silo approach). The platform provides visualisation & analytical tools and intelligent alerts for timely intervention to reduce cost and improve productivity or yield.
Sustainable Energy Savings

Internet of Energy Services

Internet of Energy Services presents high electricity bill commercial building and factory operators with innovative, verifiable and sustainable energy savings solutions, supported by Digital Knight Internet of Things platform. Digital Knight offers flexible operation and commercial models customized to client’s internal process and investment criteria. This solution is a collaboration with AAE Solution – an engineering specialist on energy savings.
Redefine Real Estate Business Model

Connected Buildings

The new competition for commercial buildings is in its capacity to offer personalised connectivity experience, both in-building & remotely, to improve work productivity and reduce cost. Connected Buildings approach unites foundational technology, design the connected experience, and deliver the business outcome. Smart or green building approach is an additional cost burden. Connected Buildings approach create new value-added services and competitive edge for the operators.
Develop User Centric Journeys

Connected Community

Connected Community platform is a multi service providers platform that creates online-offline experience for your brand community. The platform encompasses the experience delivery, emotion and connection with the user when they interact with your brand, products and services. Functionality-wise the platform provides information, entertainment, engagement, access, and services to your brand community, from prospective to valued customers. The platform is designed for various communities – smart township, tourism, youth groupings, campus, and major retail developments and city state.
Create Online-Offline Buying Experience

Community Marketplace

Community Marketplace is a full fledge, proprietary eCommerce platform intended to create seamless online and offline platform to serve a specific community. This marketplace has the full functionalities as other eCommerce platform. This platform is a hybrid model – allowing vendors to sell under sponsor brand or operate on respective brand names to direct sell to online customer. The platform is suitable for major brand vendors who want to move online, institutions who want to provide online platform for SMEs, and corporation who wants to create an online presence.
Towards Personalisation


CRMplus is a tool to capture customer lifetime value. The current CRM process capture the value during purchase and service phase only (Customer Current Value). CRMplus enables customer engagement and value capturing before and after product purchases (Customer Lifetime Value). CRMplus is capable to capturing and integrating different data fields, providing an up-to-date, 360° view of the customers. CRMplus is designed for corporation with the intention of improve customer digital connectivity and provide personalised services to each individual customer.