Remote Maintenance Services



Conventional Practices

The conventional way of maintenance services depends on rules of thumbs (formed by long term observations or lab tests) or calls from customer to be alerted of maintenance services and/or parts replacement requirements. There are few or no interaction with customer’s equipment in between the failure event.

Optimized Servicing

With Internet of Things (IoT) development, there is a new way of servicing the client. The IoT development makes sensors more affordable and data transmission more reliable. Imagine all the equipment sold can transmit data back to the OEM supplier’s Customer Service Support Unit on a real-time basis. In this way, OEM supplier can determine the intervention and service required to optimize the performance of equipment and maximize its useful lifespan.

This prevents unnecessary disruption and downtime, increasing customer satisfaction and also means the best-informed decisions can be made regarding the equipment. As we connect more IoT endpoints, devices and physical equipment, digital twinning (the act of replicating of real life operations) enables OEM suppliers to turn raw data into invaluable insights.

Predictive Maintenance

Sensors continuously collect machine data, which can used to assess the condition of parts, the status of loads and expected lifespans. Digital twinning gives OEM suppliers the power to accurately calculate the best time for maintenance, by identifying the perfect balance between avoiding serious machine faults and unnecessary downtime.  In this way, OEM suppliers can use digital twinning data to predict possible breakdowns before they happen and intervene accordingly.

Case Study: Generator Supplier Business

A supplier of generator collects data from each of the generator sold. The objective was to help them remotely monitor and analyse a large number of generators located at different geographical locations. The solution monitored important parameters such as engine oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel levels, DG run hours etc. for thousands of generators and offered near real-time analysis, reports, and alerts. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness monitoring and analytics are used by their customer support central unit and also by the client’s technical personnel. Using this solution, the generator supplier’s engineers could monitor, manage, and control thousands of generators from a single location – it helped them increase the on-time performance, enable efficient maintenance of the generators, reduce operating costs, and effective disaster control. Parts can be ordered in advance in anticipation of certain failure and customer will be notified ahead the generator events.

Remote Maintenance Services Business with Digital Knight IoT Platform

With Digital Knight Internet of Things Platform, the OEM supplier can transform their service model to Remote Maintenance Service – increasing customer satisfaction and creating new revenue streams (services opportunity otherwise unknown without the data, for example).   We provide an API for easy connectivity with your equipment and sensors.   The location of each piece of equipment can be identified on the map, and make it easier to dispatch the nearest service team. The threshold alerts can be dispatched automatically to the non-Platform users (e.g. technicians on the road) for immediate attention.

Digital Knight IoT Platform is designed for management of all assets in one place, real-time status monitoring, and flexible for any type of sector and assets.   It is a management tool to improve services to your customers and retain their custom.

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