Internet of Things Platform



Every assets (e.g. building, farm, factories, equipment) in future could come with a ‘digital twin’ – virtual model designed to accurately reflect a dynamic physical state. Digital twin extracts data remotely from the assets, communicate with its human operator and provide operational and strategic insights. Digital Knight INTERNET OF THINGS PLATFORM is a tool to create digital twins for step-change in resource use efficiency and operation productivity. Digital Knight aims to make digital twins affordable for the small and medium size businesses.

  • Franchisee set-up.The Platform architecture allows franchisee to operate in any global locations, with total control on their sets of customers. Franchisee own brand labelling on the IoT Platform is possible.
  • Time zones.The set up is designed for management of assets in deployed in different time zones.
  • Sector Agnostics. The Platform provide a free canvas to draw your business digital twins in any sectors – building, agriculture, industry and smart city. Combined overview for synergistic operation.
  • Role-based Platform. Different roles will be assigned to the user groups. Rights for functionalities and data access can be determined by use group admin.
  • Sensors Overview. Birds eye view on all sensors in a building by sensor type and by definable groupings. Live status on threshold management and no data alert.
  • Cybersecurity. We adopt up-to-date cybersecurity measures and incorporate disaster recovery measures. We only do one way communication to avoid security breach.
  • Multiple chart visualization. The chart dashboard allows creation of multiple charts from individual sensors. The charts can be created for common use or personal dashboard. The user can view of IoT devices readings under her management. Data access by assignment of roles. Download chart data with a click.
  • Raw data real-time monitor (LHS). Create your own walls of performance monitor (multiple sensors, multiple readings) and be alerted if the data transmission is broken.
  • Insights. Data derived insights Includes pre-calculated data (max, min, average and median), sector specific analysis, predictive and anomalies detection models.
  • Intelligent Alert. The Platform allows time-day rule settings for individual sensors. Reduce repetitive notifications. Send notification through e-mail and telegram.
  • Availability & Scalability. Our Platform will maintain high availability and scalable for you to add more devices and payload.


Everyone has the mental map of the human body parts organization, dimension & relative positions. This knowledge is essential for our daily life and is the key to most product and service design. Similarly, the coordinates of the sensor and equipment is essential for the user to form an image of the ‘shape’ of the digital twins. Our Platform take into account geo-spatial info of the devices.


Employers value multi-skill workers or those with the capacity to learn new skills. Our Platform is designed to be sector agnostic. The client can use the same Platform for different assets in different sectors. The client is no longer held hostage by sector silos (or sector specialists).


Human performs his best when in a community. Innovation comes from communication with other people. Using this concept, our Platform allows the user to have overview & cross comparisons of all assets – building, farmland, and factories. This allows cross learning and cross-fertilisation of operation ideas.


Logorrhoea is a communication disorder that causes excessive wordiness and repetitiveness, which can cause incoherency. Our Platform has intelligent algorithm to avoid repeated alerts on the same issues or alerts for the wrong occasion.


Our Platform is designed to receive data and does not send data back to client’s end. Two way communication creates disproportionate risk for our client’s business operation (unauthorised access), regardless of the cybersecurity measure in place. This is likened to creating a reliable immune system for human body.


Data without the ability to analyse is useless for operations. Our Platform is equipped with frequently used analytics and can be linked to machine learning on prediction and anomalies detection.