Connected Buildings




Connected Buildings are the future of commercial real estate. Location will play a secondary role as connectivity become the most important criteria for commercial office. Consumers, today, need better connectivity, intelligent systems, and flexibility when it comes to the devices and infrastructure they interact with.  The future mainstream customers, Millennials, would demand more control over how they work (co-working, remote working, and hotdesking) and user experience.  Commercial real estate not only need to include more flexible workspace but improve operational efficiency (e.g. energy savings, predictive maintenance) and increase offerings to the user to boost productivity.

The commercial real estate is facing reducing permanent 9 to 5 office based staff, increasing concern on environmental impact, and higher demand on personal health, comfort, and wellbeing.

Digital Knight Connected Buildings encompasses a suite of solution for commercial real estate to be competitive. We recognized that there is not a one-size-fits-all system for employees.  Customization is becoming the key in all kinds of automation and building facilities are no different.

Environment.  Promoting a workspace with smart buildings that optimize energy consumption and could definitely help in attracting the right talent.  This is a departure from previous trend of only building’s corporate brand matters.  Connected Buildings would become an inevitable part of employment options or recruitment tool to attract the best talents in the years to come.

Office Productivity.  Internet connectivity solutions needs custom making. The expectation of high performance is higher and at the same time, the need to keep the costs down is also important.   Unified Communication as a Service will provide new telephony, and meeting solutions.  Services can be terminated, and no hardware required as everything is in the cloud.    Voice assistants will be a part of the ‘office furniture’ as they not only control the office ambience but also boost the team productivity.   Never in office without a voice assistant.

Comfort & Wellbeing.  The instrument to measure space comfort and air quality are ubiquitous.  The demand of occupants is also on the rise.  Space comfort control by artificial intelligence, air filtration technologies, that save energy, and sensors are all part of the solutions.

Safety and Security.  The days of post event assessment of person and vehicle entering the building is coming to end.  Registration of logbook will be things in the past.  Vehicle plate recognition and biometric technology linked to corporate database provides means to assess the risk instantaneously and provide smooth access to the users. Who enters your building is even more important after the pandemic broke-out.  Artificial Intelligence will replace human eyes on enhancing level of security and add value to retail space & HVAC system.

Community Engagement.  The most valuable assets for commercial real estate are its occupants and visitors.  The additional business value can only come from these building users.  A trusted Connected Building brand will command the loyalty of its users and able to extend to include offerings of adjacent business depends on the local condition.  This could include online offerings.  Timely communicated with the target group is also a key principle of communication with its community.

While Smart Building concepts are generally added costs, Connected Building is an new opportunity for commercial real estate to derive new values and reduce operational costs intelligently.

Digital Knight offers a wide range of Connected Building solutions which will be custom-made for your circumstances.  The race for high value-added talents to work in your office is on.   It’s all about people.

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