Connected Buildings

Connected Buildings

Redefine Real Estate Business Model

The new competition for commercial buildings is its capacity to offer the users personalized digital, in-building experience to improve work productivity, and reduce cost for its next generation occupants.  Our CONNECTED BUILDINGS concept based on seamless connection to things and people design.  Digital Knight unites foundational technology, design the connected experience, and deliver the business outcome.  The future-ready building will attract occupancy.  Connected Buildings is not an additional cost burden but potentially create new value-added services for commercial buildings, and shopping malls.  Do not lose out on building connectedness, act today to attract your building community.
SERVICE (connected buildings)
Automated Assess

Automated vehicle and people access – leveraging on vehicle plate recognition and biometrics technologies.  Enhance user experience by reducing in-and-out building time and knowing who are in the building at any time.

Connected Space Management

Bookable space, workstations, facilities and ad-hoc commercial space in buildings. Include booking of classes and events in these spaces.

Deep Security

Get live notification and updates on your building’s events through smart CCTVs.  Artificial intelligence replacing human eyes for enhanced security and safety.

Eye for Business

Using numbers to drive retail business.  Where are the hotspots within the mall?  How to drive customer conversions for shop keepers?

Microclimate Control

Experience on-demand space comfort for individual tenants or space while optimizing your buildings energy bill with IoT connectivity.  Our proprietary Internet of Energy allows remote management of the energy system and uses predictive alerts for timely intervention.  Manage the building air quality (CO2 and PM2.5).

Anti COVID-19 Measures

Provide comfort to your tenant and visitors with our germicidal solutions that caters to safer surface touching and improved air quality.

WorkPlace Connect

Telephony connections for dispersed teams and digitising telephony records for higher productivity.  Connections with people not working in your building.

Office Settings Automation

Curtain blinds, room brightness, and temperature control pre-programmed. Introduce voice assistant to control these functionalities and assist you in your work.

Assets Tracker

Tracking of mobile equipment within buildings and anti-theft measure.

Community MarketPlace

Seamless online-offline retail experience for Connected Building Community,