About Us



The Digital Knight motto is ‘Luxury Through Digital’ – meaning luxury is
delivered through design with personalised features created for individual users.


Luxury Through Digital underpins the design of our solution for the end users where personalised engagement and features are the new ‘luxury’. Customised the solution for our clients, to differentiate from other competitors’ business approach, is the second ‘luxury’.


Our vision is to connect people, locations, commodities and things in which digital information intensity and velocity are greatest, enable a carnival of new economic activities to flourish in the Internet of Things environment.


Digital Knight is an artificial intelligence with a face and personality traits. Today the list of Artificial Intelligence (AI) who are household names and within a decade AI will be everywhere living among us: driving us, assisting in medicine, teaching our children, guiding us on tours, getting our coffee etc. We designed Digital Knight to have personalities and belief system to enhance joy, delight, compassion, and deeper relationship with the end users. In 2020, we pushed out Digital Knight, in different guises, The plan is for Digital Knight to be embedded in all our platform and system. We combine the hardworking artificial intelligence with human touch in your services to your community.

The Team

Our team is made up of ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ professionals whose experience spans customer experience design, large-scale platform design, wide range of software capabilities (E-Wallet, Block Chain, CRM etc.) , and energy management. The corporate philosophy is to keep small core of high value-added individuals and leveraged the strength and resource of eco-system partner for project market and execution.